sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

Once Upon a Sketch

O desafio da Once Upon a Sketch desse mês esá com um tema lindo:

The month of February is the month we celebrate St Valentine's Day here in Australia and in many parts of the world. Love takes on many forms..relationship love, parental love etc etc. So let's think about what the above quote can mean and how you can interpret it on a layout. You are free to scrap about any kind of love you wish however you like based on the following sketch. 

Ideas for journalling: love for your partner, family , parents ,siblings , children, work, students, craft, music, extra curricular activities. Whatever it is that you connect LOVE with. 

E esse é o skecth:

Aqui o meu trabalho:

Imprimi a foto em papel decorado (inspiradda nos trabalhos da Ana Paula Leal)

Alfabeto da Imaginarium Designs

Não deixem de participar do desafio de Fevereiro do OUAS!

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